Anxiety, Depression and New Relationships…Let’s Talk | VEGAN JUNK FOOD MUKBANG

Today’s vegan mukbang is going to be personal, but in a lighthearted way. Grab some food and eat with me! From discussing my …


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  1. Hopefully this video is able to help some of you going through something similar! Just remember to be kind to each other in the comments <3

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  3. I was on depression medicine for 10 years and it fucked my anxiety up really bad. It chemically fucks your anxiety up and can mess up your endocrine system up like it did with me. This is something I wasn't able to understand and see until years into it. Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy are the ways to go. Maybe a little bit of meds while you learn these things but you have to learn to deal with it.

  4. Equally difficult dealing with family that suffer from mental issues and unable to know what to do to make it better for them. My generation did not talk about it, and still don’t . It’s a life long battle

  5. Thank you for making this video, it's definitely been hard for me to realize anxiety and depression are reoccurring in my life and seeing you work through it gives me hope <3

  6. Loved this video. You mention surrounding yourself with good people that can understand what you're dealing with. Sometimes it's hard to find those people. But in the meantime, videos like this with real people like yourselves being genuine about this topic is really nice to listen too. Thanks for doing what you do 🙂

  7. I am afraid of taking medication for my depression. Your video helped me realize that maybe…. taking anti-anxiety pills does not mean I am a broken person. I hope I can be as brave as you.

  8. Thanks for doing this video! I have depression and anxiety as well and switching to a plant-based diet has helped tremendously. I still have to regularly practice and use coping tools, but this diet/lifestyle was definitely an answer to prayers. You're an inspiration Candice. I'm so glad I found your channel!

  9. This 70s fringe with the ponytail is your perfect hairdo. And these pants are perfect on you. Sorry for being completely off topic, but it had to be said. Wish you all the best, Candice!

  10. I've had success with the 5-4-3-2-1 method. You stop and focus on 5 things you see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste. It's definitely brought me out of some spirals.

  11. I've followed you for a long time, and it makes me feel so great that you are sharing so openly about your mental health! I am in DBT right now and just started taking antidepressants after years of thinking they weren't "good" for me and I am so glad to see a popular vegan influencer being open about getting benefits from meds! I'm glad your job allows you to take the space you need when you need it and thanks again for being such an awesome person and chef!

  12. I'm a 100% Italian gal in NYC…so…there will never, ever be a sliver of pineapple anywhere near my pizza. I make a kick ass crust too…but still searching for the best vegan mozz. Sooo…depression and anxiety have always been with me since childhood; you dont grow up w a schizophrenic parent unfazed. But, I'm my own self…been working on it forever – with meds and without; with therapists and without. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. In my 20s in college (in my 50s now 😱) I made a self realization – being open and sensitive, empathetic and vulnerable lets u experience alot of the beauty and amazing things in life, BUT it also leaves one open to have life hurt sharply and for me, creates anxiety and depression…that very dark place, that hole that swallows you. I guess I'd rather be able to feel the good and the bad. Then I get mad and wonder why i feel so unbalanced…how do other people not go to that dark place? Its like a juggling act or dancing to get that balance. Sometimes so exhausting. You indeed have to be compassionate with yourself. Thanx for being so open and so succinctly hitting it on the proverbial head.
    Also: mmmm pizza.
    Also: love yr channel and the cookbook, and doggies too. (I'm very dog/cat allergic; but have parrots). Cheers and Ciao from nyc xxx

  13. I'm currently going through a depressive state too, so watching this is very refreshing, and I relate a lot to what you're saying. Also wish there was vegan food like that around me 🙁

  14. You and I are SO similar…I have the same exact triggers. Do you find that if you drink heavily one night, the next day is a filled with crippling hangxiety?

  15. I am currently on Warfarin medication due to a medical condition which requires me to have regular blood tests, this has led me to become anxious/depressed. I feel not in control which leads to the conditions to appear, though thankfully my blood tests have become less common, last few have been 3 weeks apart, before that it was once a week and even had it upto 3 times a week. Iam also not working which I think is the major trigger for my depression as if I stay at home alot of times this leads to the depression raising it ugly head. I have been attending counciling, though I have found the best thing is that I have been attending the men's shed, which is a place for people to meet. I think that getting out and seeing other people and not being stuck at home helped me. I went to game changes movie last night and a girl next to me was talking about how here boyfriend suffers from depression/anxiety and her friend goes I know you have been dealing with anxiety. So it's good that people are able to talk about it, though also on the other hand it's sad that so many people are dealing with it.

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