Apple Coconut Barfi (vegan and gluten free dessert), easy to make recipe by manjula

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  1. Im going to be vegan bcoz i know there is so much cruelty in dairy farm and i don't want to be part of this cruelty but i always use to think being vegan means i have to leave every delicious food around me but I'm so happy to see your video, now i can also have sweets without any guilt…..thank u so much i will definitely try this in upcoming ganesha utsav 😊

  2. Mam thanks for adding sweetness into our life with your recipes. For how long does it last in the fridge. Also, can you share the nutritional information.

  3. At last, a vegan barfi recipe. When I was vegetarian I used to regularly visit an Indian bakery for treats 😉 For the past 5 years, since taking the plunge into Veganism, I had to give up barfi treats 🙁 Thank you for the video. I can make my own barfi 🙂 X

  4. Thanks a lot Mam for making such easy and tasty vegan sweet recipes. So nice of u mam❤️
    I'm definitely going to make these sweets on this Holi festival.

  5. Manjula ji,maine kal hi apple coconut barfi try ki hai .Taste main bahut lajawab hai & delicious hai but jaisa bazar ki barfi crispy hoti hai vase mera se koi barfi nahin banti.pices bhi cut ho jata hain but soft se halwa jaisi khana main lagti hai.plese batya ki kase crispy banagi. Happy Diwali

  6. My son and my husband totally loved these barfis. But mine turned out a little brown, but yours are white, though we didn't mind the color at all. Did I overcook? Also I used fresh coconut.. Thanks for the delicious recipe👍🏻❤️😊

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