Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Recipe with Sweet BBQ Rub

One of my favorite things to smoke is chicken. It’s much less labor and time intensive then a smoked pork or brisket and it’s still …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I didn't do the spritzer or the sauce, but I did make the rub and my entire family, including my two young picky daughters ate it and loved it. I normally would have brined the chicken, but had a lot going on, so the breast meat got a little dry (entirely my fault). Either way, the rub was great and it's going into my regular rotation. I'll try all the rest next time. Cheers!

  2. I would make only one suggestion, you never want to cut your chicken before you smoke it. When you cut the chicken before cooking it is unnecessary, you don't eat that part of it. Also, it lets all the moisture and flavor drain out of the meat. Your dry rub is fantastic, props on that part, but don't cut the chicken.

  3. You've inspired me to become a professional home cook. I wanted to go to culinary school in the 90s but it didn't happen and I lost the little bit of passion that I had for cooking later on. I've recently got into grilling and it sparked something in me. I've watched a couple other YouTube cooks but your approach specifically made me go out and buy a few tools that you recommended and I'm getting back into it. Thank you for what you do!!

  4. Just found your show. Time to binge watch! You remind me of Malcolm Reed. Full of cooking knowledge and so easy to follow Looking forward to trying some of your recipes!!!

  5. Like Harry Soo says, everything is an argument..but..cold meat tends to absorb smoke, unless you’re high heat searing steaks, not necessary to bring up to room temp. really want room temp raw chicken hanging out? Steaks, yes, smoked stuff, don’t bother!

  6. I just made this and it blew my mind. Insanely tender. The only thing was the skin didn’t crisp up for me. Could the oil be keeping it from
    crisping up? Otherwise, definitely best chicken I’ve ever made, thanks

  7. We're almost melting w the heat wave here in central Europe, but I'd love to eat this!!! Great as always Billy 👏 I don't have a grill though… 😩

  8. You are amazing!!!! That looks so good. I have never been able to smoke or grill anything successfully!!!! I tend to burn EVERYTHING!!!! Let's just say my daughter has banned me from the grill!!!!😲😲😲😲

  9. YAAAAAS ♥️ my Birthday is this Tuesday this is going on my menu… Then I'm gonna make it again on the 4th of July. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY BILLY! 🎆🎆🎇🎇

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