Are These the Best Vegan MEATBALLS Ever?!

Today’s video is an ad for Disney+. I was challenged by Disney to create a recipe inspired by the iconic Swedish Chef, and today’s …


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  1. Hope you love today's video! This not only was incredibly exciting to make, but brought on the heavy nostalgia feels. Definitely try the recipe, and make sure to watch the show!! Thank you for always supporting me <3

  2. When we were kids, my brother found a cassette tape of nothing but slapstick sounds. We never laughed so hard! It’s so funny what triggers a giggle fest. Even our German Shepherd (RIP Annie) was laughing with us… in doggy style 😁. Thank you for the memory trigger ❤️

  3. So, I was already planning to make meatballs for dinner tonight to go with some mac n cheeze, and this looks like the perfect, and easiest, version of some vegan meatballs. i can't wait to try this. Will definitely tag you on instagram with the finished photo. Dang..I'm so hungry now. lol

  4. Hi from Australia!! Love your video and I cant wait to try this recipe but I had a question about vegan meat, as I'm transitioning I'm new to these ingredients, I heard a lot of bad things about vegan meat from the super market, they seem to have a lot of bad ingredients in them, what brand do u use ?? Would help to see the packaging and details on the vegan meat u get so it helps us choose better. I think a video on vegan meat would be amazing !! ❤

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  6. PLEASE veganize Little Ceasar's Crazy bread sticks, AND!!!!! Their stuffed crazy bread, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Normal bread sticks is fine, but im talking about CRAZY BREAD. Theres no other bread stick like it. I need that flavor.

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