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A traditional Puerto Rican dish, arroz con gandules is rice cooked with green pigeon peas. This orange-hued dish is full of flavor from the herby, peppery sofrito …


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  1. Hi Sarah, from time to time I see your program on TV channel Create
    I was watching it today and I see that you were making arroz con gandules Puerto Rican food, we used to lived in Los Ángeles, Ca.
    Our next door neighbor was Puerto Rican I always wondered how it was cooked. She also used to make picadillo, was so good. At that time I was a teenager and was not interested in cooking.
    I am now 73 yrs old.
    I am so glad to see that you were cooking it in your program.
    I am from Nicaragua
    Maybe you should go to Miami and visit Nicaraguan restaurants
    One of our favorite food is Nacatamal, Indio Viejo
    Vigoron and Gallopinto with maduro frito (ripe plantains)and crema (cream)or fried cheese.
    By the way the Vietnamese sell CULANTRO in plastic bags NGO GAL VN in Vietnamese you find it in the produce department.

  2. I like to cook the tomato sauce down with the sofrito to get a deeper flavor before adding the gandules and water. I also saute some salt pork or bacon in the beginning as the first step.

  3. A few critiques here from a Puerto Rican who has learned how to cook from watching my mom and abuela cook, and have been cooking myself since I was 12 (so 18 years).
    1. I'm all for using a good amount of sofrito, but that was WAY too much sofrito.
    2. Keep the rice uncovered until the water has evaporated, fluff up the rice, lower the temperature and KEEP THE RICE COVERED until it is fluffy and soft. Don't keep mixing it or else it will make the rice mushy.
    3. In addition to the adobo seasoning, I like to add just a little bit of salt to bring out the flavor.

  4. Yum, I made this earlier but instead I used frozen Goya sofritio & jar culantro since I didn’t have the ingredients from scratch . & I must say… it came out GREAT.

  5. Everyone is saying “no oregano or cumin” and the “sofrito is wrong” can someone please tell me what their family doesn’t use and what they do instead? I’d like to make this as real as possible please.

  6. messed up cuz in puerto rico we dont coat fried chicken. All yo uhad to do was season it with adobo and fried. you do the most with limited amount of ingredients and processes

  7. Sorry but you don't stir even ten minutes once the liquid is gone you stir once and cover low heat and go away come back in 20 and stir ready to eat but it still looks delicious 😋

  8. Can someone explain why the rice is cooked like that. Wouldn't the rice get super overcooked if you boil it long enough for the water to reduce, and THEN cover it and cook it like normal rice?

  9. A real easy shortcut is to buy Goya's sofrito, recaito, and sazon. A packet of sazon in the water makes the rice yellow, a spoonful of sofrito and recaito, capers, sliced olives, can gandules and the rice. Really easy.

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