Arroz Con Pollo Recipe

If you are looking for a great weeknight meal that is booming with flavor, then this authentic arroz con pollo recipe is exactly what …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. brown the chicken in the achiote oil, too – and for goodness sake, toast the rice in it before adding the liquid!
    You'll notice that he didn't show us anything that looked even remotely annotto colored? don't make the same mistake!
    You've gone to the trouble of making that beautiful oil, use it!!

  2. First off – thanks for pronouncing it correctly. Achiote is an acceptable substitute for saffron, but you need to be cautious since it can be bitter if you use too much. Just a half teaspoon of powdered achiote is usually enough, IMO. With Arroz con Pollo there are literally dozens of variations. Some are specific to different Latin American countries and some are even regional variations within these countries and then of course Spain and Portugal have there versions. My mother who was from Northern Mexico made a very simple version but it was delicious nonetheless. Just a Mexican rice with the chicken added during the simmer with peas, carrots, and onions – that's it. Simple but great.

  3. The first time my wife of 30-years met my late Puerto Rican mom, Manuelita, she was greeted at the table with a platter neatly presented with Arroz Con Pollo. My wife often recalls that moment with the firm acknowledgement that she wanted to make a good impression on this serious, new girlfriend.

  4. This is a popular and common dish found everywhere in Costa Rica. I thought that it was a one pot dish. I have been looking for this recipe for a long time, but haven't found one that I like. I will try yours. Thanks.

  5. In my family we stir-fry the chicken with the onions garlic peppers together for better taste. We don't use cumin but use everything else ,olives, cilantro,saffron ,etc.. we were raised on different kinds of rice …and seafood Paella too…Hmm delicioso my friend.

  6. Hello, Chef. Your dishes are really delicious. I'm going to attempt to make it, but I'm going to make some substitutions. I believe that spinach and cilantro should be the primary ingredients in Arroz with Pollo.

  7. Am Panamanian & Arroz con Pollo is one of our national dishes. Thanks for your spin. I personally prefer to roast the chicken until done & shred it. I cook the sofrito the way you did it. Don't like to "boil" the chicken coz feel the juices remain in broth; I use chicken broth as you do for sofrito & rice.

  8. I lived in Puerto Rico for years and my family and I didn’t cook it this way. We add salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chopped spiny coriander, turmeric powder, olives, red peppers, tomato sauce and pigeon peas. We cook the chicken with either oil or water and add the ingredients right in with the chicken, add rice after chicken is cooked and add water and salt. No annatto, no parsley, no cilantro. But your version looks good too. Thanks for sharing

  9. My dad was Sicilian and he was raised with Puerto Ricans in Florida and my mom learned how to make it Puerto Rican style however I really like it Mexican style best

  10. Arroz con Pollo is Peruvian, perrriod. (At least the good one😏 otherwise yeah maybe from somewhere else) Everybody knows the Peruvian food is THE BEST in the world.

  11. I think at least the basics come from Spain. To make a good paella, you need a good chicken stock and they also use a sofrito as a base. Of course, no achiote or olives, and the protein most commonly used is rabbit and pork. I'm referring to the authentic paella valenciana. And I'm with you Billy, most of the time whether making a soup or mole, I always caramelize first my chicken, gives a very nice flavor. Definitely worth a try.

  12. I absolutely love green olives, particularly pimento olives so I'm definitely going to love this dish. In addition its like a pilaf which is a reminder of home, I miss home thanks Chef.

  13. The Spanish version is awesome and there is no bell peppers until the end – roasted ones. Grew up on it. A little saffron goes a long way! 🙂 Let's see your version from Spain!.

  14. You're so right Billy, you're quickly becoming one of my favorites chefs, thanks so much! Fb for me is totally dead, so hopefully you'll also take youtube and IG fans suggestions 🙏. Keep the recipes and amazing vids coming, love everything. Have a great wknd

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