Arugula and Melon Salad Recipe by Manjula

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  1. My dad grew arugula in his garden this year, but nobody would eat it. So he isn't growing it anymore. Maybe if I would have seen this recipe, I could have saved the arugula harvest!

  2. Hello Manjula auntie, I am a great fan. Can U please make Zucchini bread, because i am vegetarian and cannot find any good recipes……plsss………thank you

  3. Ymmmmmm….a very colorful and refreshing salad my dear Manjula,….a coupla years ago in '09 i first came across arugula and i bought some never trying it before thinkin' it was a type of leaf lettuce, i was wrong,….arugula has a piquant flavor to it and eatin' solo just with lettuce burnt my mouth,..hehehe, but this combination of sweet fruit, piquant arugula and the creamy yoghurt really compliments this green very much!!! Thumbs up to ya my dear buddy and thankin' ya for sharin'!! =D

  4. 'الجرجير أو الكثأ/الكثأة (أسمائه العربية الأخرى) ويطلق عليه باللاتينية "Eruca Sativa" نبات من الخضروات

    I found this information in Wikipedia. You can go there, write Arugula in English, and then to your left you have the option of languages; the first one seems to be Arabic, that leads you to the translation and hopefully will give you a way to find this leaf there; or maybe even in English you can find a hint. I hope you enjoy the salad! Best regards, and Peace to you.

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