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This is all the AWESOME vegan food we bought at the asian market! We picked up some really cool stuff like YUMMY vegan …


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  1. Mine come in different packaging but we also have those fake meats. In two places, one is in the Chinese Frozen shop [paris] where it's cheaper and it's made in Taiwan, and also in the vegan shop, by Vantastic Foods from Germany. Never checked where it's made, looks exactly the same. Have you guys tried it already? M fav dumplings are spring onion and leek haha. Oh you can also buy like half a soy chicken that is shaped like a chicken and even has skin. Same for duck. Black pepper beef is really good. But these things are sooo oily I always get stomachache after.

  2. I work in a Vietnamese restaurant and I asked them why a lot of the asian vegetarian products say no onion and garlic… They told me it's because they believe onion and garlic are an aphrodisiac and sex/sexual urges causes suffering.

  3. The nori is fish. It’s meant to be cut in thin slabs and you could pan fry it to get it a little crispy on the outside, then top with various sauce (stir fry veggies, sweet n sour, sesame, ginger sauce, etc) and eat with rice.

  4. Buddhists don’t eat onion & garlic because it helps u abstain from eating for "pleasure". However most long term Asian vegetarians say onion & garlic kills healthy gut flora & if you don’t eat meat it’s best you eat less onion & garlic….

  5. Brahmins (Hindu cast) don’t use onion and garlic since it apparently “corrodes the mind” and since Buddha was actual Indian surrounded by Hindus so he probably thought that.

  6. They rank garlic, onions, shallots and other members of the Allium genus as the Five Acid and Strong-Smelling Vegetables, which are just too damn strong. … Next morning when he awoke, the food had sprouted into two bushes: garlic and onion! And that's why Buddhists don't eat garlic and onions

  7. The dessert bun at around 9:15 is actually made to resemble a peach =))) my family only buy it on special occasion as offering to our ancestors, but we (well at least me) have never tried it =)))

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you; Asian markets have the best vegan substitutes. I have an H-Mart (regular Asian market) that I get all of my seitan, tofu, and vegan sauces from. For any new vegans looking to shop in an Asian market, always look for vegan meat substitutes/seitan in the refrigerated section with the tofu (the packaging will usually say vegetarian beef/chicken but it should also be vegan). Their seitan has the best taste AND texture that I've bought so far, and it's SO much cheaper than what you can get at whole foods/other health food markets.

  9. I believe they don’t because of it being a “root”. They feel (I think so, no hate mail please) it harms the entire plant if you use the root. I have an Indian Buddhist pal.

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