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  1. Bahut dhannivaad for recipe in English. I'am from Russia, and I'm a fan of everything Indian, trying to learn making sweets as in India. In fact, laddoo is not very difficult to do, I made it several times: besan ladoo and atta laddoo, but doubt that is so good as in India make. 🙈

  2. I tried this for the first time and it was very easy. After my Mums passing away I never liked anyone else’s Atta ka Ladoon n never made anyone else’s recipe but this one is more or less like how my Mum used to mk n taste. Thank you😊

  3. Thank you, I am trying this today. Your besan ladoos I made were so good, all were gone from the kitchen. Did not get chance to come to the table. Next time I am making more. I tell my daughter, follow Manjula Aunty, if you ever need help with cooking.

  4. Hi Manjula,

    I used Wheat Laddu Flour from swad brand.. the mix was like sooji… I couldnt make laddus but the mix itself was nice to eat..

    Kindly let me know if atta you used is ashirvad wheat flour. Also let me know any othet recipes to finish this wheat laddy flour.. 🙁

  5. gluten free flour like Ragi and Rice can be used.  The key is to roast it to get the aroma needed. Almond meal is also available that could blend with the flour , and helps make balls easier . 

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