Authentic Chinese Steamed Fish Recipe

It’s my guess that most folks who eat Chinese steamed fish don’t actually make it at home. Making it at home means having a large steamer with extremely …


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  1. Seems attractive to even Chinese, too much lemon for chinese style steamed fish
    Rare to see bell pepper with steamed fish in China and HK. There is a canto style traditional fish dish will use it i.e.五柳醬魚 but is a sour-sweet dish
    In addition, ginger for the sauce is better chopped in strip as most of ingredient in your sauce is in strip 條對條,塊對塊

    Btw good video

  2. sorry, as an asian, I cannot forgive the one main thing missing for the sauce, the scalding hot oil. Other than that, I love the alternative way to make this dish. I do want to say I appreciate all your other videos. I enjoy the insight and also knowing that there are a few of us who still try to stick to tradition and not just making quick short cuts.

  3. Oh that looks so wonderful. You make everything seem so much less complicated!!! And now with all the practice I have done on my knife skills, even I can do this!!!! Thanks again! Dont forget my shout out!!!!….please!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. So delicious and healthy Billy. I only wish I had an American size oven! 😂 … Looks yummy. Thanks for this recipe… what other fish would work w this?

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