Authentic Italian Caprese Salad Recipe » Perfect For Hot Summer Days

There’s nothing like a delicious Caprese salad made with fresh ripened tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh herbs, and …


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  1. I only found your channel today— but I love how much information you give to make an authentic dish— I find it very useful. I also love the clean aesthetic. Thank you for taking my day from good to BETTER! Subscribed of course

  2. Lol, ohhh man, I get that you want to include the balsamic version here but thank you so much for showing the oregano version. It is by far my favorite!

  3. This Caprese Salad looks simply DEEE-LICIOUS!! I love all the different types of tomatoes you used in your salad and I'm definitely going to find the Buffalo Mozzarella….YUUUMMMYYY!!! So inspired! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. This is the way I prefer caprese salad. I don't like huge slices of ingredients lined up on a plate, drizzled with overpowering balsamic vinegar glaze. A few small drips of balsamic, maybe, but the point is that the salad is already lovely and balanced without it.

  5. Hi Billy, After I uploaded my first video 'caprese' then I searched Caprese on youtube
    What the heck youtube showed me your video not mine haha.
    But I loved your caprese.
    And I loved you chose "fuji apple" for bulgogi. it is the apple of choice for Korean style meat marinade
    Yes homemade delicious always!!!

  6. This looks so good…gonna try it this weekend. Have you thought about putting out a basics training course for people to learn knife skills as well as cooking skills? Your recipes are great but I would live to learn basics of sauce, saute, palate, etc, so I can take what you do and expand. I love your energy and the way you present the information and chef notes.

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