Authentic Italian Chicken Milanese Recipe // Pan Fried Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Milanese Recipe is a delicious simple breaded chicken cutlet that is pan fried to perfection and usually served up with a light arugula salad that has a …


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  1. Milanese is veal not chicken. Italians don’t really enjoy chicken besides roasted with potatoes. You are never going to find chicken in a respectable restaurant in Italy and you know why? BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING SAD TO ITALIANS. So don’t write authentic Italian chicken Milanese.

  2. I'm italian and I'from Milan.
    That wonderful dish you prepared (it should be delicious) here in Milan doesn't exist.
    Here we Cook "cotoletta alla milanese", that has to be veal (a cutlet), must have the bone and it's fryed in butter (even if a lot of italians nowdays uses oil).
    It's served alone or with "rucola e pomodorini" (rocket salad and tomatoes) nothing else.
    No vinaigrette, no parmesan, nothing. A clove of lemon apart if you want.
    So, I repeat you made a wonderful dish, but please, don't use the word "authentic" because it isn't.
    Sorry for my english

  3. If the recipe hadn't sold me on giving this a try your reaction would have. Can't wait to fix this for the family, however I will not be able to eat it as I have chosen to be Keto for the rest of my life. I will fix a piece for myself using one of your keto friendly recipes. I am sure I can find one in your archives somewhere. Thank you, Chef.

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