Authentic Italian Focaccia Bread Recipe with Fresh Rosemary

Focaccia Bread Recipe that is light, fluffy, authentic and incredibly easy to make while being finished off with olive oil and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I made this yesterday for a group get together – everybody loved it -It was super easy to make and it was really really good… I might have over baked it a bit, because it was a little harder on the outside then I think it should be…but to be honest, I have never had Focaccia before, so maybe it was perfect! Thanks for your videos, they have been very helpful to me… I also love the history lesson at the first part of the video… your very clear and concise and I actually listen to the whole thing… some others I don't!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. I would love to give this a try but I don't have a stand mixer with dough hook. Would you explain how to mix it by hand?
    Love your videos. Hope all is going well for you this summer😎🌵

  3. Great recipe and video thanks! Just funny that you say you always use grams when you measure, then when you pour the olive oil that goes on top you pour about 40g, yet write and say 10g, 10g of olive oil is a very small amount 😉

  4. FINALLY!!!!! Thanks Billy, l like all your recipes and videos, but really loving your most recent ones. Thanks for taking my request! Great info about the origin of focaccia too!! I freeze mine and have it ready for whenever I don't have time or feeling not so energetic (lazy 😂) but craving focaccia. Awesome tips GRAZIE, GRAZIE!!! 💟🙏💟💟

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