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  1. Made it for my daughter’s 1st birthday came out really well. And the measurements are just perfect. Coconut powder added a special flavour. Thank you for the perfect recipe

  2. That's a great video. Thanks, it really helped me out , because I'm starting a food business and I am thinking about offer some Arabic desserts.

    Mrs. Manjula I have a question, are baklava rolls easier than making squares?

    Thanks and greetings from Mexico!

  3. Hello Ma'am my husband just loves bakhlava. He has tried various bakhlavas in several mediterranean resturants but haven't liked it much. I made it for him just like u taught and it turned out simply great !! He loved it and everyone asked me for the recipe too. Thankyou for your wonderful recipes 🙂

  4. Coconut is not a typical ingredient in baklava. Another tip- baklava should be hot and the syrop cold when pouring over.
    Cardamom is great and used widely in middle-eastern cousine.

  5. Awesome job..I am vegan so instead of salt less butter what is the vegan substitute?is the phyllo dough vegan?If not how can I have baklava vegan style?So glad you dont use honey!!!When I was just a vegetarian years ago I use to LOVE BAKLAVA!!!

  6. manjula aunty a very hearty namaste .. thank u for all ur effort
    u r great…. i just wish i stayed somewhere near ur place so that i could grab a bite of all these tempting dishes u cook… 🙂

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