Banaras Tamatar Ki Chaat

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  1. I don't like cilantro at all. I had all the willingness in the world to try it, but with no good results. For me, a food containing green cilantro in it, is a food destined to be left untouched. I have wasted a lot of it during my "trial" period. I have learned my lesson. With herbs is like with people: you can't force a friendship. Instead of cilantro I'll use its beloved cousin – parsley.

  2. I became your subscriber 15 yrs ago. So nice to see you present your recipes for the last decade and a half .In a way you are a pioneer. Stay blessed and in good health always Manjula ji. 🙏🏼😍❤

  3. Theres so much to try, so little time with a full time job. I only get weekend to try these things. I've a list, this goes in there too. I didnt know about this chaat.
    Aunty you are in the US as far as I know. Do you get gas in the US? What is this equipment you are using with the gas? I'm in Germany and gas connections are rare. I have electrical system here so I sure miss to make things like bharta.

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