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  1. I made these bhatura today and they turn out exceptionally yummy. one or two didn't rise completely so I made slightly smaller size and they fluff up like balls. from one cup I would like to make six medium size bhatura. thank you manjula masi.

  2. I was looking for bhatura recipe made using yeast and finally found it. I prefer yeast over baking soda, so thanks for a lovely recipe.

  3. About 5 years I cooked bhaturas with this recipe, and it turned out to be brilliant and real authentic delhi bahtura taste. Since then I have cooked bhaturas many many times with this recipe, and they have been a hit with whoever had them. Thank you so much Manjula Ji for this briilliant recipe. One tip for whoever tries this. Use only fine semolina, not coarse. Also bhaturas will never cook properly in a European/US fryer. You must use karahi, or a pan. The reason is, these electric fryers cut off at 180 C, but for bhaturas you need oil bit hotter than 180 C, and you need constant heat, which cannot be achieved in electric fryer.

  4. Manjulaji ,I prepared the same recipe only replacing whole wheat flour instead of maida ,it turned out yummy & remained crispier for long time .

  5. You're the sweetest lady ever…and that's why you remind me of my mom. Thank you for this recipe…I've not had a good bhatura in the US yet! Can't wait to make it myself now. 

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