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In this video I share how I discovered veganism, the benefits of veganism and changes I have experienced. I talk about why going …


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  1. We all have our own inspirational story on how we got here but YOU have stepped up by giving us a platform to build a community. My reasons are similar to yours- Animal Cruelty and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes /insulin resistance but once I removed ALL animal proteins, my blood sugar went back to normal and at 49 y old, I have never felt better! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR RECIPES. Love, love, love you and what you do! I can't thank you enough!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I just started transitioning to vegan recently due to my health. From high blood pressure to celiac disease to high cholesterol and bad digestive issues, I've been trying to figure out a way to push myself towards better health and well being. Even when forced to go gluten free, I still wasn't feeling great or energetic. A few weeks after starting vegan eating, I have found improvements in my energy levels, some weight loss, and a newfound love for veggies I never thought I'd had. Also, it's not as difficult as I thought to be vegan and is actually cheaper!

  3. My husband said one day about 5 months ago…. I think we should stop eating as much meat. I just happened to be near a book store later that day and picked up two vegan cookbooks because I learned to cook the step 1. Choose animal protein. Step 2. Choose starch. Step 3 choose something green. I loved the vegan recipes so started watching lots of YouTube vegan folks for more recipes. Well one thing lead to another and I eat vegan now. And my husband does most of the time. Haven’t transitioned other parts of my life yet. That will come later. Agree with all your benefits!

  4. I have a bad reaction to dairy; it makes my stomach turn into knots and I would just sit in pain for honestly days. I took most dairy out of my diet and started to notice that meats gave me a very similar reaction so I cut down to mostly chicken. I always wanted to start a vegan diet but I was afraid of the judgement other have the vegan lifestyle and I was afraid to truly cut it ALL out and not be able to enjoy the things I love. When I met my boyfriend he was already vegan for 2 years so I started to experience more of his cooking and started to going to vegan restaurants. When we moved in together I had decided it was time to fully immerse myself into veganism. My skin has been so much clearer, my fatigue is gone, my headaches are gone, I’m never in pain anymore and I have never been so happy. Finding channels like yours that have recipes for foods I love and still miss has been a huge help in the journey. It’s nice to be able to have an online community to support you and to encourage you. I love this channel and love to keep learning easy steps to veganism💗

  5. Chick you rock please don't ever lose your bubbly personality I will definitely continue to watch your videos just to add a smile to my face and learn cool new vegan recipes thanks again sincerely Cal

  6. This was so much fun to watch.  I just became Vegan 5 months ago and I feel great about it.  I loved hearing your take on it and have experienced a lot of what you talked about.  Except, I started out on this wanting to lose weight…I have only lost a little…but I feel so much better that my eating habits now match my passion for humane treatment of animals.  I am no longer conflicted.  That only took 57 years to attain but it is so gratifying!

  7. have been vegetarian for thirty years.. just recently went mostly vegan. Vegan at home.. vegetarian when we're out. also just purchased your book and have made the seitan chicken.. really good and tried the French onion soup recipe last night. really great. we loved it. started the broth in the morning in the crock pot and then just threw the rest together at dinner. quick and easy. so thx for doing that. very helpful. love the recipes

  8. So a skin problem is what made you do the switch,mmk. Well, as for me, i went vegan around 2 months ago now. I had been cutting meat out of my life for the most part, except for the occasional chicken wing cravings. I was feeling guilty i was doing something wrong. Eventually, i started looking into this, doing my research and that's when i uncovered information that motivated me to cut out not only meat but dairy as well! I am slowly learning more and more about the things i can eat as a vegan and getting better at cooking good meals.

  9. My sister and I have been vegan for 5 years. Best choice I ever made. To anyone trying to transition or thinking about it, just do it. It is so rewarding and you feel so good

  10. I can't get over how inspiring and funny you are! I feel like if we met we would be best friends!! Like, I even think our boyfriends would get along…. Lol.
    Anyway… When I first went vegan, about 1,5 month ago, I worked as a cook in a kitchen that didn't serve vegan food. To my advantage, we were a tiny kitchen team of just my head chef and myself and he was very supportive (even tho he kinda thought I was crazy…….). He would even cook vegan food for the entire staff simply because I was vegan (even tho I told him I could make my own food! Such an amazing person!). And guess what? Every single staff member would enjoy it.
    Anyway… what I noticed, and what I want to share, is that even tho I worked in kitchens for about two years before I went vegan I never been as inspired as I've been since I made the transition. I remember telling my old boss that after going vegan I felt so much more inspired and confident in my cooking. Cutting our animal products actually gives you MORE room to play around… Animal products can be so fragile and it's so easy to ruin a dish that contains animal products, where as plant based foods gives you more freedom. (Unless it's green veggies……don't kill those green veggies. Don't make them grey. Please. Lol.)
    Ok. This is turning into a rant.
    Lastly I want to say THANK YOU for all your inspiration and keep up the good work!
    Love from Sweden 🇸🇪

  11. I love, love your videos and attitude towards life and what you eat ! I've been jumping in and out of veganisum for the past year and now it's really stuck. Your right, once you know what your eating ( the cruelty and suffering) you really can't go back.
    Also just wondering , I have a chronic condition called M.E/ CFS and I originally went dairy free to help with my fatigue and pain. I think it really has helped , I would love to know if anyone else here has gone vegan for similar reasons ? And how's it going? Would be great to know other people's take on it .
    X x x

  12. I went vegan for health reasons first, but then when I saw a few documentaries about how animals are slaughtered and how they're kept I knew that I could not go back to eating meat or meat products. It's the best decision I've made in my life. I feel great now we're as I used to feel sluggish and tired now I'm energized and happy most of the time. I enjoy experimenting and finding new ways to enjoy foods that I never thought I would enjoy. Keep the videos coming I love them, they helped me so much.

  13. I have to admit, my story is a great one! I have just never ever like meat. I don't like the texture of it and I know this sounds insane, but that's ok…I swear I taste blood in beef products. When I bite into a meatless chicken patty & I hit an unexpected texture, I know it's not a kneecap, I know when I eat a veggie burger I'm not going to bite into a bone fragment. ( which literally made me nauseous writing that just now! Lol). I don't like the fishy taste of seafood, so where does that leave me? Better find some alternatives!! I looooove Almond milk, I actually eat cereal now. Of course I am still catching a lot of crap from family members, but well, whatcha gonna do?? I'm happy.

  14. Keep in mind that homeopathic doctors are not real doctors, though, and they are not experts on anything human body, dietary needs, etc… I mean, the whole idea of homeopathy centers around watering down medicine until it's not even medicine anymore..

  15. There are two reasons I watch your show. 😉 You think I am going to say your boobs. I have heard your jokes on your channel…:) The two reasons are fantastic food and great entertainment. Your show is my fave vegan show on the Interwebs. Very inspirational. Thank you. You have really helped with my transition to vegetarianism (not a vegan yet).

  16. I went vegan 1 year ago because my best friend (who at the time was vegetarian) came over to my house one day after being in tears for hours after watching videos on the animal cruelty behind those industries. I went from being a complete meat eater to vegan in like 3 minutes I didn't even watch the videos first. I was convinced after my friend explain what she saw in the videos and the health benefits that you gain and it all made sense. I've always had great compassion for animals even the smallest like ants and bugs and I finally feel like I'm doing something good for me and the environment. P.s I love your videos!!! Thank you for all the inspiring recipes and putting a positive spin on veganism 💛💛

  17. I eat a mostly plant-based diet, but, even if I did cut out all animal products from my diet, I could never be vegan because I could never feel empathy for a cockroach.

  18. So proud of you! I loved your videos 7 years ago! It's just gotten better and better! P.s. It's time to let go of your makeup if it's been over 5 years. Shelf life of most makeup is 1 year. Lol! I am having fun trying new things too. I was OCD with purple veggies and foods 2 weeks ago. I found bilberry extract and add it to my coconut yogurt or flax milk to make it purple! Heehee.

  19. hi I'm vegan I have 2 months as of March 6th. Anyways my question is tht I haven't lost any weight I've haven't exercised, I really don't make time for it but I'm getting alot of migraines, what do u suggest?

  20. I feel since cutting out most meat which I have been doing over the past year that I feel better within myself from what you said about not taking in dead animals.I like the fact that you don't come over as preachy but give positive advice and vibes.

  21. Hi. I'm thinking about veganism but I have a bit of a quandry and am feeling torn… I have heard the passion with which vegans speak about their convictions and , priding myself on my dedication to the truth, I need to look into the reasons. So my argument is; "As an animal, albeit a rational (most of the time) one, should I not just do what I want?" I like meat and I don't see why I should suffer want at the expense of another animal? I know that vegans believe it is morally wrong to eat any products from animal sources and I respect the decision but, before I take the same step, I need to be convinced that it is a necessary thing to do. My issue ultimately is, if I am to live my life and then go into oblivion, why should I care what happens to anything or anyone else? If you can give me an answer that is convincing then I will definitely become a vegan. Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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