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  1. Hello Manjula!
    I am Turkish and I love your recipes. You are excellent source of good Indian recipes. My in-laws from Bangladesh. I find lots of similarities Indian and Bengali cooking.
    Thanks for tasty recipes.

  2. Also try once the original odisha rasugulla. They are slightly brown in color and made from pure cheena. The white once are the once which was copied from odia version and some araarot or semolina or backing powder or milk powder was added to increase the self time and to make it white to look good (commercial purpose only). Then it was tinned and aggressively marketed so become famous and available all over India.The odisha verity is soft,spongy and melts in mouth and more tasty whereas the other one is generally rubbery.

  3. Dear Manjula mam Thank you very much 🙏🏻
    You have given a perfect recipe.
    I am preparing Ras Malai since many years. guests, kids all of them just love it
    Soft homemade,clean and fresh 🙏🏻

    Today for Kojagiri I have done it again ☺️

    Thank you very much 🙏🏻

  4. Namaste. I'm Vsha G from Malaysia. Mataji really very thankful for the recipes. I have learned to make many of the recipes. It came out really well. Everyone appreciated. Bahut Acha hai. Tnx Mataji. I would be glad if Mataji reply. Nandri.

  5. thanks for the recipe. i have tried today and my rasgulla didnt swell as it has to be i dont no why?? any suggestions will be highly appreciated. thanks again.

  6. Hi Manjula, I followed your recipes to make the rasgulla and rasmalai. When I made the rasgullas, they came about a bit hard. Do you have any recommendations on how to get them to come out more soft?

  7. very nice and professional.. I cannot imagine how amazing you are at cooking food.. Wished you were my aunty I could visit often.. 🙂

  8. hi manjulaji,namaste I think it will be nice if you add subtitles also because some of your instructions are masked by cooker whistle..please do this…thank you in advance…

  9. I tried to make paneer with the canned milk as I stay in USA and you only get canned milk. the paneer do not look like panner and when i tried to rub it it became like cream cheese instead.:(

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