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  1. Hie Maam ,is it possible to omit the nuts almond powder s is don’t suit me that much and add some saffron strands instead ?if yes then how amd at which stage should we add the saffron strands .

  2. Super easy and fool proof recipe. Tried another recipe before and burfi was very tasty but also very hard. Maybe the recipe came from a dentist's wife… Your one worked and is so delicious. Thank you so much 🙏🏾

  3. just made it, but I wasn't successful . I left it for a second to spoon out the remaining cardomon from the pan and it became as hard as a rock! the consistency is too hard. I will try again, and keep following you! Thank you
    just read the comments, maybe I boiled the syrup too much? dont have a thermometer

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