Besan Roti, Gluten Free, Flat Indian Bread Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Hello. I tried this for my mother who is cealic but the atta was so sticky and impossible to knead, can you suggest anything, i could not remove the atta from my fingers?

  2. Hello Majula, Thank you for your recipe which I’ve made twice. I think I shall now make it for a third time, but this time using the rice flour properly! I didn’t catch your comment about the rice flour, and took this to be one of the main ingredients! First time I had no rice flour so used Cassava flour, so I made it again when I had the rice flour. Now I realise that you didn’t put it in with the gram flour! It’s a good recipe…just need to make clear about the rice flour not being a main ingredient. My chapati are good but rather hard! I think I must be the only person who got it wrong!

  3. I put them in a small oven on the rack and finish the cooking rather than putting them on open flame. Turns out good. Not sure if the open flame is really necessary.

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