Today I made the super famous Best Brownies You’ll Ever Eat Recipe by Tasty… but made it VEGAN! Therefore making the best …


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  1. I loved this video but just a bit of personal feedback, I found the music in the background to be distracting and unnecessary.. Just lil ol me opinion though lol. Loved the video otherwise!

  2. These look pretty good. Just one thing, does 2.5 cups of sugar make it really sugary?? I've never had a good turn out of brownies if there is more than 1.5 cups of sugar. Its always too sweeeeeeet.

  3. Does anyone know if I could replace the vegan margarine with some other source of fat? In my country they don't sell vegan margarine, so I was thinking maybe coconut oil?

  4. My mother and her family were from Osterreich , I'm ovo lacto vegetarian and love some of your ideas. Was accustomed to driving to Hamilton for whole loafs Dimpfelmeier Kloster brot . Got inspired and made a vegetarian Hungarian goulash a few nights ago. Good channel.

  5. I find the aquafaba fascinating, who would have thought chickpea juice would be so amazingly benefiting. what about the can itself, does it affect the vitamins and minerals from the chickpeas? Could you give me recipes cooking for children? well anyone really. Thank You. I love your videos. all of them. Even the banana skins, since the skin itself, as well as the white part you scraped out has more vitamins and minerals and the banana itself so getting recipes for any skins again specially for children, would be amazing. Even though you don't like bananas. I'm just learning to go vegan. I know a lot of vegetation recipes. some tastes delicious, others taste Mediocre I would like all my meals to be delicious. again thank you.

  6. I'm going to add a public comment. I love watching your shut. I seriously have not made any recipes but everything looks delicious so I think that I need to get with my friends and start making recipes. I love you.

  7. Is aquafaber just the water from the can? Like the water from the chickpeas without cooking? I don’t get it to be honest 😂😂😂

  8. Yeah you just knocked the air out of the aquafaba mixture using the paddle , sadly folding mixtures when baking isn't an option cause it's more scientific that just cooking savoury food

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