Best VEGAN Egg Substitutes | 3 Vegan Egg Replacers for Baking

Today I am going to show you how different egg replacers affect my favourite cookie recipe. Let’s find out how The Vegan Egg, …


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  1. Can I mix the Bob's egg substitute dry with my other dry ingredients (cornbread)or do I had to mix the egg substitute with water first and then add it to my dry ingredients?

  2. Do these egg replacers work in things like omlettes? I see alot of things about cakes and such, but what about when they play a bigger part in the recipe?

  3. hey candice! follow your heart recommends only 1/4 cup of water per 2 TBSP of the vegan egg when used as an egg replacer. i use it this way all the time, works great! love your vids!! peace, love xoxo

  4. I actually read that Aquaba from the can isn’t too safe, just a heads up, please read up on this (it’s not definite for general aquafaba but canned aquafaba carries many risks)

  5. I love watching your many videos on veganizing traditional and comfort foods! I appreciate how short and creative your videos are because whereas watching a 40 min tutorial seems wild, I can somehow justify watching 5-6 of your cooking videos in one sitting. 😂

  6. You have a very forceful voice. Can you please put some towels or upholstered furniture in the room to soak up the loud echoing? And try not to "announce" when speaking. Hope this is helpful to you. Cheers.

  7. If you prefer too eliminate the flax seed husk, simply buy whole seeds and boil them. After thirty minutes of boil, pour the flax seed water from the pot through a strainer into a bowl large enough too contain what you have produced. It works even better this way in your recipe and you will eliminate the husk factor. It's a clear liquid in this state with ample binding properties.😉

  8. For cookies, I don't use an egg replacer. I forgot to add it one time and the cookies came out perfect, so I never bothered again. I use oat flour, you may have a different result with wheat flour.

  9. Love these! what about a baking recipe comparison of either, oil, coco oil, butter &applesauce 🙂 have been looking to see the diff. i dont like using oil but have used coco oil and applesauce.

  10. Please do vids of how different plant milks, oils and vegan yogurt types affect baking for cakes/ muffins, cookies, etc.

  11. I always use ground flaxseed in baking! I’m scared to try the vegan egg since it’s like $15 in Winnipeg, is it good as a breakfast food like scrambled ?

  12. I loved this. I had only bought the Vegan Egg once for scrambled eggs and they sucked.
    Cooking them was odd.
    But I figured they may be better for baking.
    Anyway damn you…

    I’ve been cutting back on buying cookie dough to eat raw and now I want more lol.

  13. This was so helpful! I've tried all but the aquafaba but looks like I'll have to try it! Could you try a video comparing dry sugar (cane sugar/powdered sugar, etc) vs wet (maple syrup/agave nectar, molasses)? Also maybe which non dairy milks are best for different sauces?

  14. Awesome video! Thank you so much for sharing these discoveries with us <3 It's too bad I'm allergic to chickpeas 🙁 Aquafaba & chickpeas in general are like, the new "vegan" item, and I'm just over here like ;-;

  15. You don't even need an egg replacement just use, Butter brown and white sugar, flour, baking soda, vanilla and a bit of plant milk I do this they come out great!!!

  16. I love that I'm not the only one whose dog insists on jumping in videos. She's adorable!! Thank you for this. I don't like egg, but I use them in things because I've never been too impressed with the flax and water. I didn't even know about the vegan egg!

  17. You are a great cook but if you would have not have melted the butter but you would have with the butter I think you would have also got two different consistencies from the flax and the Vegan egg

  18. Finding an egg replacer for cookies isn't an issue for me. Finding one for cake is. NOTHING I've tried does what eggs do. So that's what I need help with.

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