Beyond Meat vs Impossible Burger: Which Tastes Better?! | Blind Taste Test

In today’s video I’m putting to the test beyond meat vs impossible burger. We are going to compare how each is made, the pros and cons, their flavours, how …


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  1. I have watched SO many impossible vs beyond taste tests and have had them both myself because im a vegan that really misses the taste of meat, and this is the most comprehensive amazing video that i have seen on it. I have looked at the packages and watched tons of videos about them and still didnt know some of the differences you mentioned. Thank you for this great video!

  2. I tried at TGIF FRIDAY a burger 🍔 made from Beyond Meat they cooked it on the grill and it was amazing now i need to try Impossible burger
    By the way im a butcher recently being a vegan for health issues

  3. Loaded with salt. Would blow me up. No thanks. I’m a plant eater. Too much bread too. Great way to be a fat vegan: eat fake burgers with fatty fake cheese and big buns

  4. My local tomb thumb in Dallas, Texas has both and another option that I can't remember. Impossible definitely looks like it and gets the texture right, when cooked, though taste is somewhat lacking. You can definitely taste the difference between impossible and the typical USDA meat at the grocery store. The texture when raw is close, but noticeably different. Even when I have mixed the two together, the impossible burger flavor stood out. I have not tried Beyond Burger yet, but from what I have seen from taste test videos, it is likely worse than impossible. Impossible is decent enough to where it could cut down my meat consumption, but not enough for it to be non-existent.

  5. Disgusting that you promote these unhealthy vegan meat. Y'all are more interested in eating "vegan" than eating healthy, that you don't even read what these products are made of. Real meat is way more healthier that this sh*t 🤢🤮

  6. After a few years not eating meat, I have come to prefer the taste of veggie burgers that taste like vegetables more than the ones geared to replicating the taste of real meat. Therefore, I as well like the beyond brand better.

  7. I liked your video. I’m a person looking to reduce the intake of red meat I consume so I looked up Beyond vs Impossible foods videos. I’ve tried both. Impossible wins hands down from a person still wanting the feel, texture, taste of a beef patty. I have zero issues with the GMO thing with Impossible Foods. It’s called innovation and modern science at its best. My wife ordered a Beyond patty in my burger at a restaurant while I was changing our son in the bathroom. I absolutely knew 1st bite something was different and it wasn’t beef. She did the same at another restaurant with an Impossible patty as a replacement. I still knew something was off but that time I wasn’t questioning whether it was beef or not. She told me after we left and I was surprised. Beef burgers have a greasy taste from the beef which imo can’t be replicated in any vegan or vegetarian patty. That’s what was missing from the Impossible patty. But overall, I throughly enjoyed the Impossible burger. I still buy it today and have used it in tacos, meatloaf, meatballs In spaghetti etc. Yes I’m aware calling those things “meat” anything isn’t the preferred term but it’s what I know. The point is Impossible foods has literally done the impossible. It’s absolutely mind blowing what they’ve achieved. The GMO thing should be a non issue and any vegan up in arms over that is simply overreacting. Great video.

  8. As someone that still eats meat, my wife ordered an Impossible patty at Red Robin in my burger while I took our kid to the bathroom. She wanted to see if I would be fooled. 1st bite I absolutely knew it wasn’t beef. How? Real beef has a greasy taste and that simply can’t be replicated with plant based products. I did enjoy the Impossible patty in a burger however and I can certainly admit it does it’s job mimicking the taste of beef very well. Just the greasy taste you get from grilling a meat patty was missing and that’s how I knew. As of today, I still enjoy the Impossible patty’s and packages and use them in our meals to reduce the intake of meat we do consume. I’ll never go fully away from meat but admit greatly reducing your intake of it is better for your health.

  9. I like both they're both so good. I'm not a vegan far from it. But I do not eat processed meat anymore. I also like the beyond sausage. I gave up processed meat because it started to make me gain a lot of weight. Which is still having my body because I have a big appetite. I'm gonna try to do another diet soon.

  10. YouTubers please don't be a sellout Let me say something to you I tried to be on beef because everybody was hyping it This crap tastes so chemically May it made myself nauseated Yes that's right I want the throw that shit up I finally got a chance to try to possible burger much better I just got to say I think that beyond burger needs to go back to the scratch and lighten up on some of them seasonings cuz it really tastes chemical and anyone I mean anyone saying that the beyond beef taste good and all that is a bunch of lies I believe they're getting paid by the company to say this and if they are they could not possibly got reviews on I think it's more like mental you turn off people so it tastes good you're believing the beyond burger is not good over seasons it's got too much MSG or something and literally the taste smell and texture would make you want to throw up I tried it impossible burger and it was amazing I couldn't even believe I was eating of a plant vase but vegetable so on that no please if anyone can hear this and send it to the persons that are doing the beyond burger versus the impossible burger stuff taking yourself really now maybe your taste buds are off maybe you can't taste what they had growing a virus but I tasted it and the impossible burger is on point is to me the most realistic taste as of a burger and look and feel of a burger

  11. I tried Beyond Meat burger today, for the first time. The box contained two paddies, the first one stuck to the skillet and sort of burnt. I tried it with onion, pickles and
    and tomato, I really couldn't taste much, the texture was ok. I decided to go for the second one, but I used butter instead of olive oil and suddenly things started to go
    wrong! 2 minutes through cooking slowly, I noticed a very strong and indescribable smell! The odor was so bad that made my stomach turn. I usually buy chuck,
    cut it, trim it and grind it myself. This thing is not meat and you won't be able to compare it to meat, if you are a carnivore.

  12. Okay good to know, so the impossible “meat” would be better for people transitioning into a vegetarian or vegan since it mimics real beef more than beyond “meat”

  13. I ordered an impossible burger at a diner and had them check TWICE they hadn't gave me a meat burger. I just didn't believe it, I really thought they made a mistake.
    If someone gave you one of these and you didn't know it wasn't meat, you just wouldn't suspect anything. It really really tastes like meat. It's incredible.

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