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  1. Looks good. However, you can make the same thing without adding a single drop of
    Oil. Oil is just empty calories that will make a person gain weight and with no nutritional value whatsoever. You could use some nuts or avocados instead.

  2. I agree. I think Food Network should seriously consider extending a show opportunity to Manjula. My understanding of how to properly cook spices/masalas never fully manifested in my cooking until I started using her recipes.

    Many many thanks Manjula!

  3. Dear Manjula aunty,
    I am not a very good cook but everytime I follow your recipies the final dish tastes great. Thank you SO much! I love your style of teaching – maybe you should do your own TV show; you have many fans around the world!

  4. Welcome back!

    This is a really good recipe. Using yellow and/or orange bell peppers is a great variation on the main recipe. Those have a slightly different flavor, but it works well with the other ingredients too. Or a mixture of the various colors in the same quantity.

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