Bone-In Standing Ribeye Roast Recipe a.k.a. Prime Rib

This bone-in-standing ribeye roast that is coated in garlic and herbs is the perfect meal to serve up to your friends and family.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. So I only disagree on one point. Even if it's well done….I'm still gonna eat it. Not ideal….but it's too expensive to just get rid of 😁Spectacular looking prime rib Chef. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Just a quick follow up….The prime rib came out fantastic. Very good recipe. Thank you, Chef! All the guests really enjoyed it.

  3. I love your channel Billy and am new here, but not to cooking. I used to cook in a restaurant.
    Have a question sir.
    Isn't the prime from ribs 10 – 13 or somewhere.
    I think ribeye is before that and can't be a.k.a.
    My roasts at the restaurant came deboned.
    And all we did is trim fat,not much. (Flavor).
    And sprinkle garlic salt all on top. And pepper on bottom. Roast in oven. Comes out great.
    Usually when you order prime rib in a restaurant. It has no bone on it.

  4. About to make this for a special dinner for friends. Question for anyone who has made the compound butter: Is the butter mix supposed to taste really garlicky? I love garlic, but this is making me a little nervous. Don't want to ruin the roast with it.

  5. I made this for Christmas and it was wonderful. I threw in some yellow potatoes, I cut the larger ones in sections, such an easy gourmet meal. I definitely will use this recipe again.

  6. I just used this recipe for Christmas. Ultimately it was delicious but I had a problem I hope someone can help me with. At 450 the butter burned within 15 minutes. I had to move the roast into a different pan therefore losing all of the drippings. Can someone recommend how to get a crisp finish without burning at the butter?

  7. Made my first prime rib following this video ( scared out of my mind to “butcher” it ) haha
    Soooo easy to follow and absolutely delicious!
    All the tips were spot on.
    10lb / 30 min @ 450 / took 130 min to 118 w internal thermometer / checked w instant thermometer; read 124 / perfect for all the family
    Merry 🎄
    Keep on cookin ❤
    Lorrie H

  8. I cooked this a few weeks before Thanksgiving and my son said it was the best meat he had eaten in a long time, now I'm cooking for Christmas tomorrow, and don't remember if I counted the time of 14 minutes per pound starting when I first put it in… but I do have a thermometer.

  9. At what beef costs, if you don't save what you trim for stock or stew, you're making a huge mistake and being wasteful. I was so glad to hear that you save them.

  10. So remove from the oven at 120 degrees for those who love medium well. Yes there are more individuals that enjoy their meat at medium well than you think. SHOCK

  11. 350 F for 30 minutes, then 325 F for 90 minutes or 12-14 minutes per lb until internal temperature reaches 110-115 F for medium rare.

  12. OMG! I just made this yesterday for Easter dinner and using a "Choice" grade rib roast. I have NEVER in my long life EVER eaten a better prime (choice) rib! Not in any restaurant, or someone else's home, nowhere have I tasted such a delectable beef. Absolutely NOTHING compares to this tender, perfectly pink roast. It literally melted in our mouths. I will never make it any other way. I think the paste containing butter and olive oil held in the natural moisture of the meat, (and 15 minutes of resting) plus, in my opinion, butter on any cut of beef makes it better. A big thank you, Mr. Parisi!

  13. I’ve made about 15 of these and after I made this one I realized I wasted my time and money on ALL of my previous attempts. This is hands down the best recipe I’ve tried. If anyone reading this is questionable, do it and save yourself the time and hassle of not using this recipe. Seriously, fallow this recipe and you will not be disappointed.

  14. I had to figure out something at the last minute for Christmas dinner. I bought a ribeye roast and tried my hand at it using this recipe. It was SUPER easy to follow and the results were spectacular. Your explanations made everything really easy. Thank you SO much!

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