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  1. i like your boondi laddoo recipe.i like laddoo very much.manjula your family is very lucky because they blessed with such a great mother,mother in law,and grand mother.

  2. Making these for Ganesh Chathuri. Hoping they come out good. I need to stop by the Indian grocery to pick up the gram flour. It is hard to find a grocery store here that carries gram flour. 

  3. Dear Manjula jiihave very thankfulto youexoert in cooking.I am the wife ofandy mangat'and live in canadavancouverb.c.due to arathrightes that is whyi can notgo to markeet to buy such type of thinges.highley thankes full to you. mrs mangat

  4. Dear Manjulaji,
    Just curious, if I use oil temperature thermometer. What should be the right temp for Boondi you just made? They look awesome. Thanks for explaining in a very simple way. I love your simplicity and sincerity in teaching cooking. Thank You-Amy

  5. hi aunty i tried this receip but the problem was when i fry the bundies first 2 times i get them correct but after it was burning fastly is that i have to adjust the temp. of oil but u have made them all on the same temp.and one more thing my suger syp. was becoming cristal after some time pls help me aunty

  6. hello manjula aunty,
    your recipes are great and well explained..esp your translation from Hindi to English ingredients.(big Help)
    Now i have to try this boondi laddu, but i cannot find a skimmer with holes that are small enough, I have visited several Indian markets, yet no luck..Your help would be greatly appreciated,..Thanks again for your wonderful recipes

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