Breaded Pork Chops Recipe

This homemade breaded pork chops recipe comes together in under 30 minutes and is loaded with flavor and a breading that sticks. Breaded pork chops are a …


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  1. We make thick cut chops weekly. My game changed when I started doing a 4hr water, salt, sugar brine from noon to 4 and then wash, season, and cook. It makes a world of difference!

  2. My wife and I are on a Keto diet, so I toasted a few pieces of low carb Sola bread and made our own breadcrumbs. Also, instead of flour I started the breading process with a no flavor protein powder. I took most of the carbs out but not the flavor. They came out delicious! This recipe is going into our rotation immediately.

  3. Love this recipe. I used it with some pork cutlets I had in the freezer and substituted Panko for the breadcrumbs.
    Served it with a cup of your outstanding Onion Soup as a first course. Great meal. Thank you.

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