Brownie Batter Overnight Oats Recipe

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  1. Thank you for the video, I just prepared a similar overnight oat recipe inspired by this, can't wait to have it tomorrow morning 🙂 I just mixed most of a banana with pb and used chocolate almond milk, then put in the oats.

  2. It's awesome you're making these videos. It's great to promote veganism in all kinds of ways! It doesn't always have to be super crazy perfect healthy. Even though many of your recipes are. I just think vegans should be happy there is a multitude of types of vegan youtube channels. Anyway. Thanks for the videos keep it up!

  3. Wonderful! We just made it it's sitting in the fridge. I don't like protein powder so left that out and had no sugar either but the banana sweetened it perfectly! It's amazing! The peanut butter adds another dimension! Thanks! <3

  4. I am so gonna do this for breakfast tomorrow, but I have vegan chocolate shakeology instead. I make pb chocolate regular oatmeal with it all the time :). I LOVE Your recipes! So simple to follow! I dont have patience to do complicated recipes. XO Davita

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