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Are there really any of you out there that don’t like a well made, properly sauced Buffalo Chicken Wing? As a vegan however this …


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  1. These completely fooled my daughter who is autistic and a very very picky eater. She really thinks it’s chicken. Lol thank you sooo much. These will be a regular entree in my home 😍

  2. I had some some cauliflower fried chicken wings at the Taste of Chicago this summer and they were so good I want to make them which is how I stumbled upon your video. Yours look like they 'll taste even better! Can't wait to try them! Just a couple questions, was that regular white (all purpose) flour you used and what type of oil did you fry them in?

  3. Buttermilk… Traditionally, it was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cultured cream. However, most modern buttermilk is cultured.
    You're welcome.
    Recipe looks amazing btw

  4. I do mine in the air fryer and avoid all the oil. Eating vegan I try to eat healthier, but frying everything sorta cancels that out. Maybe you can offer a few alternatives to frying. Also, when I use the air fryer I don't have to pre-bake my cauliflower. Saves a step and a lot of cleanup.

  5. We have made this twice now. My 10yo makes the maple soy sauce you recommend. We have all decided we like it the best. Thanks for another recipe that knocked it out of the park!

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