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  1. Indeed a very simple and elegant recipe!
    I make this exact same recipe, but instead of green peas I use capsicum. That tastes great too.
    Dhannevad aunty!

  2. manjula ,
    thank u so much for this lovely recipe , it turned our so much like the way my mom use to cook , i lost her beginning of this year but ur recipe reminded me of her .thank u once again .

  3. asafetida is the english term, butterfly. sometimes, it's spelled asafoetedia. it's very smelly when uncooked so it comes in little plastic sealed bottles that look like vitamin  bottles. I put the plastic bottle inside a glass jar in the cubbard so it doesn't smell it up. don't be put off by this.  it loses the "fetid" smell immediately when you saute it in the oil.

  4. Sat sri akal mam.. I'LL surely try ur cabbage recipe. please tell me in which dish we use jeera, mustard seed, kalongi, sabut dhaniya etc…?? By putting in which dish they make it more tasty.. I dn't knw there properly use..

  5. Thank you so much for this lovely, easy to make recipe. I am a Brit visiting Chicago and missing Indian food so much. This video is great help as I am trying to make what we have back home and grateful for this effort to share wonderful food.

  6. Hello Manjula! I happened upon your website and I followed the video here. Thank you for posting these! I absolutely love Indian cuisine and I'm glad to have found an authentic source for recipes. Thanks and greetings from Chicago.

  7. thanks madam manjula, i am a pathetic cook but not when i follow you… i have amazed people many times with my dishes just looking at your videos & cooking… i have learned more from you than i have from my mom and wife… i love your style and easy to follow steps…

  8. hello aunty ji…I am here in London from last 2 years, and regularly watching all your recipes, Please accept my sincere thanks for teaching me to prepare delicious dishes….
    at last plz add sum potatoes recipes or like instant cooking recipes….

  9. you are th best so far i have ever come accross…just love your receipe's…i have proudly made aloo baingan, aloo gobhi and many more after watching ur videos…super duper like!!!

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