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  1. I tried this recipe several years ago. It is as good as advertised. Just dont over process the potatoes. Silky smooth is not preferable with the liquid from the initial cooking method. It is a great recipe, but don't get overcharged for the meat. $6 per pound is about right. There are grocery stores that will charge up to $15:per pound. Rarity isn't a premium. Its a loss leader for a store. Like Chuck Eye Steak… Dont pay more than you need to. My local grocery store strated changing too much and they found out too quickly that the locals aren't suckers. The price came down to normal in about 2 weeks when no one would pay $30 per pound for a Ribeye or $20 per pound for a Chuck Eye. Hell, even their Hamburg meat went from $9.99 per pound for 85% lean to about $5.49. Good deal? Or overpriced by $2 per pound…

  2. Strain the vegetables out of the braising liquid. They've given up most of their flavor and have turned to mush anyway. Then reduce the liquid to intensify the flavor. This will take the dish to the next level.

  3. Fast forward to 2023. Short ribs have never been cheap and are always a treat. They are $8 for ONE !! I just got a pack of 4 that are 3" !!?? That is standard price now. $16 per serving? Yikes

  4. Know this is a VERY random thing to talk about and I absolutely mean no disrespect or racism when I say this but I absolutely LOVE how Wolfgang puck pronounces:


    That’s one of the main reasons why I come back and watch these videos. Just find it so amusing and cool how he pronounces it, I don’t know why or what it is but I do.

  5. "Well the meat should we nice and brown, let's look at it"
    Meat black and burnt because the pan was way too hot
    "That's what we want, beautiful caramelization"

  6. This recipe is Shuri-approved!
    I end up with far more sauce than I need in the end, so I pour the excess into ice cube trays to freeze after I'm done cooking the dish. Makes for a nice steak sauce on the quick, or I mix a bit of that into pasta bolognese and it's pretty nice that way.
    Finding short ribs in my neck of the woods is both difficult and expensive, but I think I'll be able to get great results with blade roast (palette) for a fraction of the cost next time!

  7. Wolfgang is not only a star level chef, but one of the greatest practical chefs in the world. Love his vids.

    I cook bone in short ribs (extra flavor and texture to the stock), don't marinate them before (I think I will start) and add more red wine and some tomato paste to the mix and a lot more herbs (though usually in cheese cloth or tied with twine so they aren't in the finished dish). The stock you use is critical to the braise. Buying a really great stock (there are some great frozen ones like "Stock Options") or better yet, making your own, is worth it.

    Also, always make sure to trim off the silver skin before cooking. It's easy to do before you start – but a bear to remove after the short ribs are cooked and tears them up. I generally do get my onions and garlic golden before adding the browned meat back in, but I don't brown the carrots and celery. I might start. If you want, you can separately cook glazed carrots, pearl onions and baby potatoes (or other vegetables) right at the end, heat them up with a bit of your final stock and add them onto the dish as you serve. Its not necessary, but is a trick for making Boeuf Bourguignon that works very well for braised short ribs. That way your vegetables have great texture and flavor.

    If you want to get fancy, after you pull the meat out of the braise, you can pour the remaining liquid through a fine strainer, heat and reduce it a bit (good time to adjust salt) and then bring together your meat, refined cooking liquid and freshly cooked vegetables. An extra step, but I've found it makes a difference in the taste and feel of the dish

  8. Hello! Followed the recipe exactly twice now but after 2.5-3.5 hours doesn’t seem like my sauce reduces as much as his. Also mine doesn’t come out as purple as his. The two quarts (8 cups) of beef stock browns it a lot. Also always finding need to add salt.

    Any tips to prefect mine?

  9. Guys I tried this and after adding the broth my sauce turned red instead of the dark color of the Cabernet. Don’t why though? Also my meat wasn’t as tender… anyone know what I did wrong?

  10. Been cooking Whole Plate Short Ribs for years ….. in my BBQ Pit. Regardless of technique Short Ribs have that true beef flavor
    EDIT: BTW Short Ribs are no longer a “cheap or inexpensive” cut. A victim of their popularity

  11. Skip the flour. It does not make the meat brown better. It just gives you browned flour, and actually inhibits the maillard reaction that you want in your meat.

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