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  1. OK I know this comment section is an absolute mess but I LEGIT JUST TRIED THE RECIPE (reduced the ingredients by a fourth since I only cooked for myself 😥) and this has POTENTIAL, but it's not full proof. If you are sensitive to heat I would suggest reducing the cayenne. I used 3/4 tsp and I still found it too overpoweringly spicy, I'll probably go with 1/2 or even 1/4tsp next time. I did cook this on a stove top cuz I didn't feel like grilling. Try to cook at medium heat and cover with a lid, I cooked at medium-high to high heat and it blackened too quickly and burned a bit. Grease your pan with a very thin layer of olive oil so it doesn't stick. Otherwise, this is good seasoning and I can imagine this going well at a BBQ so long as adjustments are made. I made this with toasted Portuguese bread on the side. I didn't make the salsa/"salad" cuz I'm out of avocados and I'm allergic to mangoes 😂 I'll probably just replace with pineapples instead if I ever make it. Hope this helps someone!! 😊

  2. Buzzfeed Tasty should make a restaurant serving all of the meals that they show on this channel because they all look so good but I'm never going to make them in real life hahah

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