Can a Turkey Burger Really Be That Good??

You will be blown away at the delicious flavors in this juicy turkey burger recipe that is loaded up with lettuce, tomato, and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Chinese leaf would be a far superior choice for the lettuce, avocado is soft, onions are soft, the lettuce is soft, needs more crisp and the Chinese leaf would do it while offering a sweetness which allows you to get rid of those manky Brioche lol

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! I eat a lot of turkey and chicken. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I make turkey meatballs and I grate in tons of zucchini and onion. Keeps them moist. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  3. I use breadcrumbs in my turkey meatloaf and I can attest they are incredibly moist. There is a trick though. I add breadcrumbs to cream, egg, and other wet ingredients and let the breadcrumbs soak up the liquid and pour the soupy breadcrumb mixture into the ground turkey. And my meatloaves are so moist they are light, fluffy, flavorful.

  4. So glad to see the turkey recipe. Many individuals don’t think about turkey once the holiday is over. Thanks for the great recipe. Will definitely be making it this weekend.

  5. If anyone can make ground turkey taste good you can
    Personally I like ground chicken of course always Organic.

    I made your carrot cake which was amazing. I did take out 1 cup of powdered sugar in the icing because I ran out, amazingly enough it was plenty sweet!

  6. Turkey is certainly underrated chef. As someone who substitutes this for beef in effort to eat healthier 🙄 i like to make a greek style burger with homemade Tzatziki sauce & red onion and whatever else I'm feeling! Is delicious

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