Can I Make A Chipotle Burrito Bowl Faster Than Delivery? • Tasty

Matt (@mattciampa) tries to make a Chipotle burrito bowl at home before his roommate (@everett4you) delivers it! Can he do it?


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  1. The only way you could have won or been super close to winning would be to have cooked your chicken 1st or cut it into small pieces before cooking.

    And roommate said they had to cook new chicken. So, you would have lost no matter what.

    However, your loss is everyone else’s gain. I’m sure it was still so delicious

  2. Had he prepped the chicken in advance (a fair take as it needs to be marinated 24 hours anyway), he would have completed it on time or faster no problem. It's kind of silly of them to go up against fast food that pre preps all their stuff by doing everything on the spot from scratch. A bowl like this is definitely doable with a bit of meal prep.

  3. I don’t get why so many people touch their seasonings with raw meat/chicken hands. And you know they ain’t washing it later lol

    Bro dropped the tomato and used it 😭

    This guy made several questionable decisions in his cooking process.

  4. well, if it's any consolation I'm watching this and my nearest Chipotle is 25ish minutes away, so your cook time would've been faster than me going to get it.

    They also frequently mess up my order which is why I'm looking over burrito bowl making videos.

  5. I made my own burrito bowl and it took me like 4 hours lmfao 😭
    the ingredients are simple, the preparation is advanced it's easier to just go to Chipotle

  6. Fact a tasty employee has a roommate is wild to me haha it's Def expensive out here lol.. but I also would love a roommate that can cook ..

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