Can I make a FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST Vegan? (ft. vegan bacon, sausage and black pudding)

Can we take the iconic English Breakfast and make it vegan? The best part…is we attempt a vegan black pudding! Consisting of …


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  1. Sooo the answer to "can you make a FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST" is NO, no you can not? That's disappointing. Wish you'd included that in the title or description, but I guess you wanted this to be click-bait. That's frustrating.

  2. Loved your attempt at black pudding! Before I stopped eating meat at the age of fifty, black pudding used to be my favourite component of a full English. I would suggest something based on a vegetarian haggis may work? Having eaten both when I used to eat meat they have similar spices. Haven't attempted it myself yet as I don't have the cooking skills. Also a coeliac which complicates everything!

  3. Maybe add some mint vegetable protein and chunks of fat like coconut oil grated (like sauce stash the YouTuber does) other wise I feel you got the black pud down… definitely a good thought process you have!! 😎✌️ P.s new to your channel but funking love ya vids. #binged 😁✌️

  4. Check out both websites – (1) ‘The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company’ Their Vegan Black Pudding is called V Pud ….. it’s also available on
    (2) ‘’The Bury Black Pudding Company’ – Vegan Black Pudding Both company’s vegan products are ‘Vegetarian Society’ (UK) approved…..

    Question- What is the ‘brand’ of the vegetarian ‘Simulated Bacon’ in the plastic wrap ? … Thanks….

  5. Love the experimenting in this 😁🇬🇧Am English and had a few Full English breakfasts in my time (but it's more a sometimes meal for most). Have to say I HATE Black pudding!! 😝Yuck!Would be happy without it! Luuve Baked beans ❤️

  6. I feel kind of bad that you put in so much effort to try and make plant based things taste like meat, especially with how the black pudding went. Seemed like a waste of food and a waste of your time, even though you enjoy cooking. I don't even eat meat, which is also probably why i feel bad about this video; meat doesn't even taste good to me, and i've always been pretty satisfied with being a vegetarian and most of the food i eat is already plant based anyway and i don't try and make things taste like meat because i don't like the taste of meat. I want to be vegan and i'm working on it, and it's not difficult for me at all because dairy products actually give me more problems rather than do me any good.

    I feel like i should apologise to you for making this video because i've always been happy when my food didn't taste like meat, and i wouldn't ask you to do all the things you did to make the food taste like meat when it led to some fails and some food being wasted when most of the ingredients would have been fine on their own or in a different recipe.

  7. In Scotland we also eat black pudding for breakfast, however there are other "puddings" that can be fried and served with a full breakfast, such as Clootie Dumpling – which could quite possibly be converted to an entirely vegan recipe, only requiring that animal suet be changed to vegetable suet/vegetable shortening. There's also a lighter variety called "fruit pudding" which is also sliced and fried for breakfast. As a substitute you could even use a bought vegan Christmas pudding (which is very similar to Clootie dumpling). Other possibilities might include a vegan haggis, which could be sliced and fried similarly, and there's another variety called white pudding, made from oatmeal and onions. The Welsh also have "Laverbread" which is a mixture of boiled laver seaweed and oatmeal, which is fried in little patties and often served with a full breakfast. Who said pudding is only for desert!!!! LOL.

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