Can I Make a Realistic VEGAN Caviar?

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  1. Upon further reflection, I may not have been clear in my first comment. I understand your desire to make your own seaweed caviar because you’re vegan. I have a similar issue in that I have allergies to many foods, and therefore have to make certain things myself to be able to eat them. I was merely trying to tell you that those are two sources for vegan mock caviar. Some are red and some are orangish. I’m going to try your recipe. Thanks.

  2. No, no you cant. Vegans always copying the good food to make veganism seem decent. Reality is, vegans are bad people, because their favorite food(the avocado) is responsible for Californias droughts. In conclusion, vegans are terrible people.

  3. Maybe i heard it wrong, but did you say, you put charcoal as food coloring? You should not eat coal when not medically needed, especially if you take any medication, I will absorb the ingredients of it, you wouldn't want that happen to for example your birth control pill, would you?

  4. I literally just today studied about synthetic seed production that uses sodium alginate and calcium chloried to form beads containg plant tissues. 😅

  5. It's not really a review if you don't know what actual caviar tastes like 😅. Like REwatching a video you haven't seen before is not possible

  6. This is so clever! I love it. Idk what caviar tastes like either lol but this looks like caviar and I'm sure it tastes great! It also looks like it has a similar texture/consistency to caviar. Very cool!

  7. I don't understand if you are a vegan, then why so you have an urge to know what non-veg food tastes like? Why even bother?
    Same these gmo company trying to recreate meat. What's the point? Aren't you happy with your food? Or you are jealous of non-vegetarians? People like you are amd gmo company do these for fame and money.

  8. When vegans hate non vegan products n anything that comes from an animal then why they frequently try to replicate all those products? I mean no hate but why even bother eating something similar to it ?

  9. High quality real Caviar is very beneficial for health and taste good it's not just something eaten with alcoholic drinks but. Fake caviars are never real substitutes

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