Can I Make An Aloo Tikki Burger Faster Than McDonalds Delivery In India?

Katie (@oldladiekatie) tries to make a McDonald’s aloo tikki burger faster than it gets delivered to (@aniketchitnawis) in India. Can she do it? Subscribe to Tasty: …


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  1. legend has it, indian vegetarian food is so good that it can make a meat lover vegetarian
    the non vegtarian food is equally very good making him meat lover again

  2. McDonald’s really should feature the AlooTiki Burger and Piripiri Fries in Houston, TX. We have an ENORMOUS Indian population here. Modhi came to visit in 2020, with donnie dump.

    That looks so good!

  3. Indian living in America, and I never finish a trip to India without getting this meal. Need to start trying to make it hat home now. Can't wait to fly international every time I want this 😛

  4. I am so glad that Katie and Chris likes that aloo tikki burger and peri peri fries. I hope McDonald’s from US watches this video and see their reaction. This video should be proof for them that Americans can like vegetarian burgers. I am Indian, but I live in US, but never got to eat aloo tikki burger 😭. Please McDonald’s USA bring Aloo tikki burger and peri peri fries to USA. I really want Americans to see that vegetarian and spicy food can taste good. Americans do not know much about vegetarian and spicy food.

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