Can I Make Cadbury Creme Eggs VEGAN?! This might taste like an exact dupe…

In today’s video, I’m going to see if I can make Cadbury creme eggs vegan! Several years ago I made a recipe that was pretty close, but I am testing to see if I can …


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m getting a head start planning out our Easter Menu! This looks like it may be just what I am looking for. I will definitely give this recipe a try! You are a very talented creator! I make videos too. If your interested I’d love to learn from each other. All my support to you and wishing you much success in 2022 and beyond.

  2. Honestly her icing was so moldable she could have just spoon dipped the icing in liquid chocolate. Haha. It may have even come out smoother. Who knows.

  3. These look so good! One of our local vegan bakeries makes a cream egg brownie (brownie on bottom, cream egg filling layers in middle layer, and thin chocolate layer on top), but it's only seasonal. This would work beautifully to recreate that when I'm craving it out of season 😍 thanks for sharing again

  4. Love this! What would make the chocolate molds easier is to not use chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are designed to not melt well for multiple reasons. You might have noticed how thick your chocolate still was when it was melted. Instead, you can use a semisweet vegan chocolate bar and chop it up and melt it. It will be easier to make the mold because all you do is fill the entire mold with melted chocolate and flip the mold over, dumping the excess chocolate into a bowl, then scrape the top of the mold with a bench scraper. Viola! Even chocolate molds! Let that dry then when you add the filling leave a lip below the mold, so that you just pour more chocolate on top of the mold again and scrape off the excess with a bench scraper. No paint brush needed and its even and perfectly flat.

  5. Me opening up this video thinking it’s gonna be way too difficult and I’ll never make it in a million years: alright time to relax. Then finding out it’s way too easy: alright. Guess we’re in the kitchen now.

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