Can I Make Jamie Oliver’s ULTIMATE MAC AND CHEESE Vegan?! (This is a must watch)

Did I make the ULTIMATE MAC AND CHEESE vegan? In today’s video I attempt to make Jamie Oliver’s mac and cheese recipe …


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  1. So what do we think of the new hair?! Been excited to debut it on the channel 🙂 Also recipe is linked in bio for the blog as always!

  2. You did a great job replicating this recipe. And yes, I would like you to try to make it healthier by eliminating all the processed cheeses. And any other ingredients that can be substituted for healthier ones.

  3. The 2 things that I miss since going vegan 2 years ago are a nice Jewish Corned Beef on rye sandwich…with coleslaw and russian dressing. The kind that you get in a Jewish style deli in NYC. Ahhhhh. And then a proper fish and chips that I would get in London. Have any ideas for either of these delights? Thanks for what you do to inspire us vegans out here in non-vegan land.

  4. It looks amazing. Unfortunately if I ate like that I would be so fat. I have to stick to low fat sos free type stuff. Would be good to take to a pot luck though.

  5. Looks super delicious! I’d add nutritional yeast to the sauce…and for the sauté/topping I’d totally use soyrizo!! Can’t wait to make this. 😋

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