Can I Make JULIEN SOLOMITA'S Vegan Chicken Wings (with realistic chicken skin)?

This might be the single best vegan fried chicken recipe I’ve ever made. After watching Julien Solomita and Sauce Stache create …


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  1. As a recent vegan convert like really recent I tried the jackfruit method and I made jackfruit chicken nuggets the jackfruit was still too soft for me it’s way softer than chicken it looks like chicken but it’s just too soft however I’m more of a gluten fan its a way better meat substitute if you want realism

  2. I am gonna try this with vegan chicken instead of jack fruit. The one from " Les nouveaux fermiers" a french brand is crazy!! It tastes just like real chicken. I am not vegan but I want to stop eating meat. I am sold.

  3. I’m cook a lot of vegan foods though not a vegan, I only quit dairy 1.5 yrs ago. I did the extra step someone recommended below and baked the jackfruit in the oven to get it more of a meaty texture. Totally nailed it, this is a chicken wing! Amazing job 🙏🏼

  4. I made this like a fried chicken sandwich and the flavor was sooo good. I’m so happy you put this recipe out bc I tried seitan fried chicken like 3-4 times and was disappointed each time so I changed course. My first try was mushy but I’m definitely going to do it again & try drying it out a bit in the oven

  5. I tried it the flavor was fine it was the texture for me that was too mushy Fried mines longer to get a little more texture the air fryer ones had to put in the oil too. A little disappointed

  6. I truly love you for this video and reaction lol!!! I’ve been craving chicken wings! I haven’t had chicken in 5 years. I know from your reaction this is good! I’m definitely going to try this recipe! ✊🏽

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