CAN I TURN A GORDON RAMSAY DISH VEGAN? | VEGAN Mille-Feuille Valentine’s Day edition | The Edgy Veg

Today I try to make Gordon Ramsay’s famous Mille-Feuille vegan just in time for Valentines day! Whether you’re making it for …


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  1. Love your fierceness – haha! Suck it up, Gordon! That looks so elegant despite the struggle! You could've iced the pastry on one side of the second piece of pastry and turned it upside-down so the cream would hold the pastry in place (the same logic you used for the base plate) over the berries, then gently press it down on the side that is not iced and then ice the top of that starting your building process again.

  2. You did another bang up job, here! I love making "whipped cream' from the coconut "glop" (sorry, that's what I call it) since it has Flavor…This is such a Pretty dessert, too. I've had your cookbook for a while now…already have some serious Faves…Dumplings, anyone?…..Keep on doing.

  3. Wow that looks so achievable, and yum. I wonder if you could make any healthy mug cakes, I've seen a lot of super sweet sugary ones but nothing I could eat often. That pastry looks gorgeous.

  4. The reason it puffed so much, is that traditionally you are supposed to dock the top and cover with parchment paper and another tin tray on top to prevent excess rising. Then you take it off when there’s 10 minutes left to allow for browning/better color.I am surprised Gordon didn’t put that in the recipe since it’s an important step.

  5. Hey, I laughed along with you and your immature jokes. I'm the same way.

    BTW, I think that the puff pastry is supposed to be docked before baking. That way, it stays thinner so the layers aren't so intimidating.

  6. Yum! Thanks for the tip about adding tapioca starch into the coconut cream. I’ve heard of adding cream of tartar but never have that on hand, so totally trying the tapioca today 😉

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