Can Kelly Follow A Recipe In Mandarin?

Can Jasmine successfully teach Kelly how to make one of her favorite dishes, Yan Su Ji (Taiwanese Street-Style Salt and Pepper …


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  1. This should be a new series called “Food across cultures and languages”

    Just have multiple chefs teach people how to cook in their native tongue. Would reveal a lot about people as teachers and learners.

  2. i love how the "liang" vs. "er" really tripped her up because mandarin is amazing and has double words meaning the same thing but used in different situations. i feel like she should have been told that at the start, though.

  3. I watched this 6 months ago I’m watching again and I can’t stop laughing 😂 I’m Malaysian so I can kinda understand what jasmine is saying lol Kelly looks worried :DDD ha ha ha it’s so funny

  4. Jasmine honesty reminds me of my actual friend, Jasmin (without the e). So kind, sweet, even looks like her, too. I would love to be best friends with Jasmine. (With the e now)

  5. These are NOT terms used in Taiwan. We'd say 九層塔 for Thai basil and 地瓜粉 for sweet potato starch.

    And WTF? 五種香料?! I have severe doubts that Jasmine actually know any Chinese cooking terms.

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