Can My American Friend Follow This Recipe In Japanese?

Can Andrew cook up Rie’s recipe in Japanese? To check out classic Tasty recipes on our NEW @tastyrecipes YouTube page …


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  1. When she said the one u are reaching for is sake and i want sake
    It's literally in my language an example would be tiger in my language there is two types of "la" so there is small la and big la if u put small la it's tiger but if you put big la it's tamarind
    There is like 247 letters in my language and some of them have 2 or even 3 types that sound the same but are written differently
    jk i hate it even tho it's my first language its the only subject i almost fail like eng i would get 37/40
    But tamil on the other hand uhhh 17/40
    And 15 is fail sooo gotta thank my sir

  2. Having learned some Japanese (I'm barely fluent) it's actually structured very easily and the grammar is surprisingly simple and easy to understand. (especially for someone like me who loves the Japanese language)

  3. Hearing him say shi makes me so confused sometimes cause when learning japanese your taught to use yon for 4 instead of shi since it's considered a bad luck thing since it involves around like death if I remember correctly and due to this I completely forget shi can be used for 4

  4. I kinda hate how Youtube defaults to "speaks in foreign language". Like what. How do they know what language I'm speaking? English is a foreign language to most YT users.

  5. 5:49 I can attest. I am half Japanese but in my family there are two people named Maki. Do differentiate the two, one is Maki and the other one is Máki (the difference is about the same as the Rie’s example of Hashi and Hashi😂)

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