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  1. as someone who knows or is learning several languages (itallian is my first language and with that I know a lot of Spanish but English is what I speak at school, I also learned mandarin and woth that I know some Japanese and am currently learning French-I also know asl if that counts) this was extremely hard for me and normally these videos I can almost nearly understand๐Ÿ˜ญ

  2. When I saw kelly trying to follow the recipe in mandarin I didnt realise how hard it was for her until I saw this one with a completely foreign language I knew nothing about

  3. I really like this episode, it's really interesting hearing the words for soup and tea, considering in Turkish (my mother tongue) they sound pretty similar to what they are in Amharic :0

  4. in moments like these is when i wish i was living in US lol cuz i could dm so many youtubers for challenges like this, knowing 3 other languages aside from english, and 2 of them more obscure, it would be hella fun to do an exchange like that

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