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  1. I think they did a something similar on Watcher but in that case they try to also incorporate the original flavor profile or essence. It seems like this version is no longer recognizable to MCDONALDS

  2. There is so many additional components… This is more like Disguise any type of food with other food. Make it Fancy should be minimal ingredients… OR…. bigger challenge. Use only what is there already and repurpose it.

  3. When I was a teenager in the 90s, our local McDonalds sold soups for a while. They stopped selling them for some reason but me and brother still reminisce about their broccoli and cheese soup lol I've still not found one that's similar, it wasn't made with yellow cheddar it was a white soup, that looked more like a chowder but had green from the broccoli.

  4. I love RiΓ¨ and I’ve loved this series but it seems like these episodes have become a. meaninglessly wasteful and b. Lost any form of the source ingredient. For example for this episode the burger became breadcrumbs in a sauce that was strained and the rest of the burger ingredients were clumped together to make a salad? Couldn’t we have layered the pie thing like a burger. Imagine a layer of melty cheese and burger patties etc etc

    Riès challenge now should be to use minimum added ingredients to make things fancy. Care to take that on?

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