Can These Chefs Turn A Kid’s Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty

Tasty chef Merle takes on guest chef Keturah King to turn Makayla’s dragon doodle into real-world food. Which dish do you think …


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  1. i really enjoy this episode especially makayla, the way she talks and her eyes sparkling…. this girl is so polite and sincere, she is so sweet. keturah seems joyful and i love her confidence

  2. For the fireball I would have done a red and orange fried ice cream ball with jolly rancher flames on top, probably would have done rock candy on the rim of the drink

  3. The vegan version is SO disgusting!!! And I'm saying that after eating only vegan food since just before Covid. I know how good it can be. Right now, I'm having some spelt breat with avocado. But don't give me chocolate, more chocolate and candy!!!

  4. no bcs, imagine the drink as something like:

    poprock rim to give it that explosive pop to the lava,
    a passionfruit lemonade with a pump of dragonfruit at the bottom,
    the boba or grass jelly as the rocks at the bottom!

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