Can This Baker Guess People’s Ages Based On Their Favorite Desserts? • Tasty

Do you dessert preference align with your age? This baker tries to guess the people’s ages based on their favorite desserts!


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  1. Try and guess how old I am!

    Cookie: oatmeal raisin
    Ice cream: strawberry
    Chocolate preference: ice cream
    Least favorite: chocolate truffles
    Cake vs pie: pie!

    Extra: I really like lemon Oreos, red velvet cake, and apple pie! I dislike things that are too sweet.

    Scroll down for answer

    I can’t say my actual age, but I’m younger then 20! :DD

  2. you know that its sorta offensive when chris walked in and she said ''i might be right'', like she was judging from his looks that he was older, even tho she was a decade off.

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