Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With A Dishwasher? • Tasty

This could be a total disaster! It’s gonna be a really long day…” This video was filmed before shelter-in-place orders were …


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  1. Alexis complaining because she had to whip the whipping cream with her hand while Rie was complaining she had to use an electric mixer 😂😂

  2. seeing this remembers me watching an episode of extreme cheapskates where the girl made some watery lasagna in a dishwasher☠️

  3. Pls do a heater, like the one that your grandma has in the back of her storage room and never pull out in the winter and forget about so they buy a new one every year

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  6. My mom went through a phase where everything was put into containers and she didn’t label anything. My sister made cookies with salt instead of sugar. She realized her mistake but not before she offered some to our babysitter who she HATED

  7. Reminds me of the girl off “extreme cheapskate” that would cook her food in the dishwasher… talk about SOGGY AND UNDERCOOKED 🤮

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