Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With Hair Tools? • Tasty

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  1. Does anyone else notice that Alexis has like 3 different voices?
    It's like the excited voice which is moderately high
    Then the doubtful voice which is kinda squeaky
    And then the 'I am out of ideas and tired' voice which is very deep. 🌹🌺

  2. I first found out about cooking with a hair straightener and water dispenser in a movie called “Our Shining Days”. It’s a Chinese movie based on a competition between Western instruments (violin, harp, piano) and traditional Chinese instruments (yanqin (?)). It was free on YouTube when I watched it, idk if it is still now.

  3. Seriously what happened to people trying it and guessing what things they used why did they change it they should have reactions and if they dont have people to try it would still be nice for one of the camera crue or someone to give there opion on what shes done shes already tried evrything while doing it.

  4. I feel like she says something along the lines of "this might be the best thing I've ever made" in every single one 😂 which might be true but I just find it funny

  5. Can she cook just using the sun on a hot summer day? Like using reflectors to focus the suns heat? I don't know if it's possible. And a space heater, a hot stone

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