Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Microwave? • Tasty

Despite only using a microwave oven to reheat food, Chef Alexis deBoschnek attempts to create a delicious 3-course meal that …


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  1. To be fair the microwave is a common kitchen appliance so Alexis overestimated how easy it'd be to ' elevate it a bit more than a mug cake '
    But it sounds like she killed it anyway so there you go.

  2. I can cook an entire meal in a microwave.
    I would make some crispy cauliflower with a dip.
    A chicken pulav for main and a mug cake for dessert.
    I actually have made thid

  3. I knew it would go wrong as soon as she walked away from the microwave, number one rule in my house is never walk away from the microwave when your using it

  4. I think microwaves are so hard to cook in because they heat things differently, microwaves have small bolt of electricity that bounce around the the box while other cooking things use transferable heat.

  5. How did she prevent the eggs from exploding? There's just a brief mention of the risk, and people watching this might think it's safer than it really is. People have been severely burned as a result of trying this exact egg cooking method.

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